Self Portrait on a rainy day in a California hotel room waiting for the weather to pass.


Josh Mills is a photographer based in New Jersey also shooting in New York City, Philadelphia. He also travels for projects domestic and abroad. His primary body of work is professional portraiture and commercial editorial photography. He has had work featured in many publications including Shutter Magazine.

When he is not shooting for clients he also hosts and instructs photography workshops covering all aspects of digital photography and post production.

"Photography is my passion. I find true pleasure in creating beautiful and artistic images of People, Nature, Landscapes, and Still Life. I love "chasing the light", manually setting my camera and lens to capture a perfect moment in time in a way someone can not achieve letting their camera automatically choose the settings for them. That is just part of the process, I also love finishing the creative process of taking that captured moment and turning it into a beautiful image or work of art.

I have had a fascination with photography since I was a child. I remember spending countless hours going through my grandfather's collection of National Geographic that spans many decades. It wasn't about the articles, it was all about the images for me. We always had cameras around, and I loved shooting every chance i had. Back then it was never about learning to photograph properly. It was just about capturing any subject in a moment in time. When I reached college I was still fascinated with photography and continued to buy cameras and "snap" pictures, slowly improving the aesthetic appeal of the images I captured through repetition and finding what looked good to me.

I moved to New Jersey in 2003 for work in the IT field. This is when I came into the digital photography age, and in 2007 I bought my first DSLR. This immediately led me to digital image retouching and editing. I no longer just took pictures, but I could retouch and edit them, opening a whole new opportunity to take what I captured Create images the way I wanted to see them.

I have been honing my craft, shooting and editing for more than 10 years now. I am primarily self taught through trial and error, experimentation, reading and researching. I have taken many classes on the many aspects of photography, retouching, editing, and photo manipulation over the past years to learn new techniques and add to my knowledge and skill. Still, much of my skill and knowledge comes from my own "just do it and figure it out". I have found that real world shooting and editing is where the experience is gained, and skills are learned and polished. This is where you find, and refine your style.

Over the years I have achieved recognition for my work. I have had my work featured in many publications, some of those are well known news stand publications. My work has hung in a few galleries domestic and abroad. I have been awarded in juried photography competitions. I don't usually mention these when I talk about my photography. I only mention it here due to all the photographers today that sell themselves with "Published" "Featured" "Award Winning" on their websites, social media, etc. To me, my achievements are for me, not to brag about to people. They are personal achievements.

Another of my passions is sharing my knowledge and experience. I love to teach others how to do what I do, and how I do it. I have found I really love helping others with my one on one personal training, and hosting workshops for groups wanting to learn or improve their photography and editing."