Hello, my name is Josh and I am a Photographer...Sounds like and addiction? well it is!

I love capturing a moment in time and turning it into something beautiful.
I have loved photography from a very young age. I remember spending hours in my grandfather's shop where he had a collection of National Geographics that spanned decades. I would flip through them mesmorized by all of the beautiful images of exotic places, animals, and people. I did not realize at that time or even care that I could create these beautiful images myself.Fast forward 20 years... I missed the age of film photography with the exception of disposable camera's and having them developed at the local pharmacy. 
Once I bought by first digital camera I was hooked. Now I could take as many pictures as I wanted and get the instant gratification of uploading them to my computer!!! It was not enough though soon I discovered Photo Editting. Now I could create!!!
I have now been shooting seriously for a decade. Wow time flies!
I love to capture a moment in time with my camera. Chasing the light and manually setting everything to get the perfect capture.
Then my second love comes when I take that captured moment and turn it into a beautiful image or work of art. Something that not only I can enjoy and reflect back to, but something everyone can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of.