Hello, I am Josh. I am a Natural Light photographer based on the New Jersey Shore.

I have always been fascinated with photos. From the time I was a little boy going through my Grandfather's National Geographic collection. I never understood what went into creating all of the amazing images I saw on those pages. All I knew was the hours of joy and entertainment I got flipping through those pages.

I am a self taught photographer, and have been honing my craft shooting and editing for more than 10 years. I have taken many classes on many aspects of photography and editing, but real world shooting and editing is where the experience is gained and skills are learned and polished.

I love shooting anything when I have the chance. People, Animals, Landscapes, Urban, and the list goes on. I love to experiment with new styles and techniques.

I love the act of capturing a beautiful moment in time then taking and turning it into something amazing for everyone else to experience.